Ambrosia ZeroOne

Multidisciplinary Artist, Bilingual Educator

Art Highlights

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Whiteboard Art for Education

Daily art while working as a substitute teacher; every classroom an implied design challenge, based on the audience and topic of study

Portraits & Pets 

Hand drawn and digital portraits, many drawn live & in-person as performance art; includes paid commissioned pieces and donated gifts for friends 

Vector Art, Logo Design, Glass Etching and  Engraving Work

Over 15 years in digital design doing engraving & creating imprinted awards and promotional goods for corporate clients

Digital Art 

Mostly personal projects, but this is where the majority of Ambrosia's art lives these days

Traditional Media Art

Pencil, colored pencil, scratchboard, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, chalk pastels, oil pastels, clay sculpture, wood carving, etc.

Miscellaneous Sketches & Scribbles

Ideas and doodles, sketchbook pages, unfinished concepts, and miscellany