Portrait Gallery

Maury PoBitch @1800_maury 

IG POST: Come see @1800_maury as one of the featured gogo dancers at @bass.n.babes this Thursday, July 6

Maury is a dear, sweet soul and a friend I adore. I wanted to convey not just the sheer physical beauty she embodies, but the delicate and gentle soul within. It feels like she knows a secret inner world, a gentle place of warm meadows joyful with butterflies, and strong mountains of determination, rivers of kindness. She connected with me over my drawing of Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World" and I immediately knew she was one of the good ones. A sensitive creature, but fiercely independent. Proud to know you, dear!

👩‍🎨: Me 🎨: Krita, charcoal pencil tool

⏲️: ~2 hours 

IG POST: Justice is Co-owner of @kulturebraidbar, who I had the honor of drawing at @bass.n.babes

I've since gotten to know Justice better, and have watched how confidently she runs her hair business. Folks, she is a REAL professional.  Watch the IG feed to see for yourself how she has master-level knowledge and skills, and knows how to give the full hair client experience. This is one you can trust, she will tell it to you straight, and make you look amazing, for real.

ALSO:  https://www.instagram.com/reel/CvQpuvmMQia/?igshid=MTc4MmM1YmI2Ng== 

👩‍🎨: Ambrosia ZerōOne

🎨: Pencil on 12"x18" paper

⏲️: 35 minutes (10:30pm-11:05pm) 

Abby  @itsbabykush 

IG POST: My DJ friend @itsbabykush creates the most amazing queer raves, and I wanted to show my thanks with a portrait. This little gift is in gratitude for the inclusive safe space, incredible music, and amazing @bass.n.babes community that shows up to dance, make friends, and just enjoy the chance to be ourselves. Thank you for everything you do, Abby!!! You're the best!

Abby didn't know I was making her an early birthday gift, but I couldn't be more honored than to share space with such a humble, ambitious, talented DJ, promoter, and kind human being. Much love, Abby! Your events just keep getting better!!

👩‍🎨: Ambrosia ZerōOne

🎨: Pencils on 12"x18" paper

⏲️: About 1 hour (Intermittently over 75 minutes) 

Maya Karli @maya.karli

IG POST: Maya Karli - LGBTQ Singer/songwriter, artist, model @maya.karli was one of the featured gogo dancers at @bass.n.babes on Thursday July 6. Check out her music!

Maya is an unstoppable firebrand. She's passionate, and driven, and knows no fear of speaking her mind. Oh, does she speak her mind., just listen to her sing. She throws her whole force of personality and energy into whatever she does, and despite her tiny size, she is a MIGHTY force. Some Ma Kali energy -- wait, Maya Karli? Maha Kali?!?. Tremble before her wrath, mortals! 💀🔥

👩‍🎨: Me 🎨: Krita, pencil tool

⏲️: 1hr B&W, additional 45 minutes for color and corrections 

Face, The Diamond Prince 💎@facefrfr

IG POST: Face, The Diamond Prince 💎

@facefrfr was one of the featured gogo dancers at @bass.n.babes on Thursday July 6

Face is an experience. This is a face you never forget... but it's not really just about the face,  It feels weird talking about a guy I know on stage as this stomping, gyrating powerhouse of in-your-face masculine energy that draws you in... but who off stage is so kind and and affirming towards others, so loved by all, so warmly funny -- is it because I'm not used to seeing positive, healthy masculinity? Is that why I'm so honored to know this man? Well. I could talk your bell hooks off about why Face is so deserving of praise and acknowledgment, but let me instead give you a secret: ask  anyone who knows him, and watch THEIR faces. You'll get it. Everybody loves Face. 

👩‍🎨: Me 🎨: Krita, pencil tool ⏲️: 1 hour 

IG POST: I've been meaning to do a drawing of these two for a while. I had some down time today at @manicpixiedreammarket (organized by the very same duo, @hawtmessproductions

& @feverdreamla), and took the opportunity to commemorate their EPIC production at @lapride stage. Thank you both for all your amazing events!! 

These two are such a power couple, WOW. Marzz is the pink hair you'll see buzzing around the venues directing vendors and managing the chaos, while Morgan is the grinning golden cloud behind the DJ decks looking nonchalant. They pull off the most incredible events, pull some INSANE talent, and somehow manage to look AMAZING and CALM while secretly panicking at all the fires being put out behind the scenes. Capable, confident, humble. Immensely chill vibes. I feel safe as soon as I enter one of the spaces they've carefully crafted. I can't help but admire all the work they put in. Going places!!

👩‍🎨: Me 🎨: Pencil on 12"x18" paper

⏲️: 40 minutes

Commissioned portrait, unknown couple

IG POST: I was honored to draw this lovely couple today, done while they shopped at @manicpixiedreammarket

Including interruptions chatting with customers, this took 40 minutes total. 

Commissioned portrait, unknown couple

IG POST: This was such a fun couple to do portraits for at @manicpixiedreammarket today! Once the basic features are pencilled in ( 👁️👃👄👂) the hair just flows out fast and loose ✍️. That part's really fun to show off, It worked out perfectly, when they came back thru got to see me finish with the part that's flowy and dynamic and fun to watch. 

Vendor from Down to Clown Vintage & Her Doggo 

IG POST: A custom color portrait for @downtoclownvintage , another vendor at today's @manicpixiedreammarket 🤩🧚‍♀️ 

Self Portrait, Jan. 2022

I wasn't very happy.  

I wanted to stop living my life.

Turns out I wanted to live -- a different life.

Speculative Self Portrait, May 2022 

I thought I might predict what path I had chosen, about a year before hitting that goal -- a hopeful vision.

Self Portrait May 2023

Where I've landed. 

A work still in progress.